Sunday 25 May 2014. Spiderwort and More!

It was 54 degrees F this morning under mostly cloudy skies. (Have to either get up earlier or quit trying to squeeze in the few yoga poses that still take time, or just resign myself to a later start.) Could see out the front door that there was a red-orange, sky-blazing sunrise in progress, but by 5:25, when Rhododendron and I finally got on the road, the color had faded, the sun-disc casting golden light down from the layer of clouds above the horizon.

Got a shot of some gorgeous neighborhood peonies in the sunrise, reminding me of yesterday’s summit of floral richness and perfection: peonies, irises, and the namesakes of my bike, Rhododendrons, all full and fresh. Was so grateful to catch what I did of it!

On the way to Meadowbrook Park, saw a little way ahead, the fox crossing Race street from east to west, and heard its distressed (for a dog)-sounding bark.

The light coming up through the newly (it seemed; just taking such a long time to shake off this past winter) and increasingly green Meadowbrook provoked attention and anticipation. Started to speed down to the rabbit-statue bridge but then stopped for a photo, the illumination was so inviting.

Below the bridge, McCullough Creek was bordered by way too much invasive honeysucke, just like in the Saline Ditch and my back yard. One hates to complain about such a pleasantly fragrant plant, but it crowds out the native ones…an old story, and one not without prejudice, after all, the peonies and irises are not native, either.

Then, just over the bridge, among the invasive, exotic but nicely yellow wild parsnip, was my first view of Meadowbrook spiderwort for the year! Did not succeed in getting a good photo, but there it was!

Later down the path saw another blue flower I expected to be more spiderwort, but in fact it was a blue flag iris, in perfect early bloom and right next to the path!

What else is there to say?

Then, near Davis Creek, with the calls of red-winged blackbirds and some early bass notes of bullfrogs playing, saw a cluster of large, gorgeous spiderwort, among the lichens and old coneflower stalks and Baptisia pods–the new emerging from the old!

Then started down the soft path, wondering if there was any evidence of the shooting stars, and on the way saw some very fresh coyote scat.

Noticed the blackberry blossoms seemed more striking somehow than in past years, when they often didn’t make the final cut to post in Velo du Jour. but today, here they are.

Felt like the prairie was finally really coming back to life.


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