Friday 23 May 2014. Same and Different.

This morning at 5:20 it was 57 degrees F under mostly clear skies. There were some pink streaks and the waning moon was clearly visible, (though perhaps not so clearly in this sketch) even with a small, thin cloud in front of it.

It was the same trip to Meadowbrook Park this morning as last, but funny how I noticed different things, like not the way the trees on Race street were arranged; e.g., missed the elm altogether.

Arrived at the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek just as the sun was coming up. Saw it rise above the the creek and also above the prairie, where there was s slight mist over the ground.

The mist was especially picturesque near the Marker statue.

Looped back through the woods along McCullough Creek and heard a distinctive bird song I didn’t recognize.

Then saw some deer quite close-up, in view of the new buildings at Clark-Lindsey Village.

Stopped at the Meadowbrook sensory garden on the way back; the bearded irises were stunning!

20140528-231518.jpg Couldn’t resist taking some photos with the little non-phone camera and making a sketch of one of them.

Noticed once again the dead possum in the bike path on the way home. You wouldn’t think people would just roll over it, but it kind of looked like that’s what was happening. Maybe it’s so inconspicuous they don’t notice it, or probably they just don’t expect it to be right there. Well, the process proceeds….


About Velo du Jour

I am a 61 year old mom/wife, former biologist, and presently certified Iyengar yoga teacher, and I love, besides biking (and other things), nature, swimming, drawing, photography, yarn, exploring adoption themes, and putting people at ease. In April 2012, I participated in "30 Days of Biking " on Twitter, sponsored by a group of "joyful cyclists" in Minneapolis during the month of April. I loved tweeting about each day's ride so much I didn't want to stop! "Velo du Jour" is a continuation of recording and sharing my rides post-30 Days of Biking.
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