Saturday 17 May 2014. Yankee Ridge Road, Almost to Philo

It was 37 degrees (?!?) at 6 this morning. The sky was clear, but it was another slow-to-start morning and missed the appearance at the horizon of the sun-disc. But thought I did hear a dawn chorus from inside the house.

Today’s ride would be a trip south on Yankee Ridge Road toward Philo. But first headed south on Race street toward Meadowbrook Park. On the way noticed that the “wall” of spruces by Orchard Downs was full of light green growth tips.

Made a “short loop” through Meadowbrook and noticed shoots of common milkweed on the western border of the park, where the new construction at Clark-Lindsey Village was visible, alas.

Saw a bit of mist over the mowed area behind the playground and wondered as I made my way on Windsor toward Philo Road if I’d missed a mist earlier over the inside of the prairie.

Out on Philo, heading ever southward, noticed a lot of old flower, etc, debris under the roadside alders: “alder-fall?”

Turned west at Old Church Road and up the west side of this “peak” of Yankee Ridge. This morning it was especially beautiful, the mist defining the separate “hills.” Once again I was happy to be in this special place with the beautiful view of the central Illinois landscape in the early morning.

Then turned south on Yankee Ridge Road, which had interest with its occasional trees, three places with horses, and alternating relatively short uphill and downhill stretches.

Rode and rode happily southward with a strong sense of “Saturday morning” and miscellaneous hints of pleasant memories (e.g., “no school!”) of Saturday mornings past.

Crossed the rather high-banked railroad track, where the water tower of the village of Philo was visible to the east.

Shortly thereafter a train came by!

The odometer I recently bought (and had adjusted by the guy at the new bike shop, who “accused” me of removing a useful piece of the apparatus) was working, so at the 10-mile mark, which was apprximately at section road 800N

and turned back, racking up a total of just about 20 miles for the round trip, which I logged into my National Bike Challenge total.

It was a particularly pleasant and exhilarating ride. Oh, yes, the miles feel good, sweet Illinois!

Hoping to have more long rides before September!


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