Thursday 15 May 2014. Rain and Green

This morning at 5:30 it was 46 degrees F (May?!?) with a light (welcome!) rain falling, so the sky was an almost uniform light grey, daylight already plentiful, as Rhododendron
and I headed south for Meadowbrook Park and another camera-less ride.

Dressed in a light sweater and rain jacket (so much nicer than a poncho!) and glove/mittens, and was perfectly comfortable.

An occasional bird (robin or cardinal) sang, but heard no dawn chorus. Recalled not having heard a white-throated sparrow for several days.

The rain was not heavy enough to seriously impair my vision, but it did cut down a little on being able to catch details in the landscape. Still, felt very grateful to be awake and comfortably riding outside in the early morning, in the day’s weather.

Did notice how large the oak leaves had gotten since last time, though they still were slightly softer and more limp than they will be at full maturity. Was amazed at how full the lindens were with leaves–the structure of their branches quite obscured.

The ginkgo leaves still were not to full size. How delightful to be able to observe them in this in-between (like middle-school-aged) stage!

At Meadowbrook, on the path heading for the rabbit statue bridge heard an owl-like call from the belt of trees on the other side of Race Street. The call was rather rapidly repeated and could’t tell what kind of owl it might be, if owl it really was.

McCullough and Davis creeks were full and running with turbid water.

The prairie had greened (funny how in English, some colors, like red and yellow can be verbs, while it doesn’t work for, e.g., blue.), though not completely.

Could not help anticipating the spiderwort and Penstemon
I’d seen here in years past.

Did not see deer one. Where do they go when it rains?

The Windsor/Vine bridge was open! Decided I liked the overall look and colors of the painting on the path at the west side of the bridge, but wished the large pink flower would have suggested an actual prairie species.

Saw no Jacob’s ladder flowers left on the PRH Wildflower Walk. How quickly they pass! Did see wet columbine and wild geranium.

Rode home northward into a gusty headwind.

Somewhere in the stretch between George Huff and Florida saw a dead possum in the middle of the bike lane. Seemed like it had been there longer than the time between now and my last ride, though it was moist enough to still carry plenty of writhing maggots. No pictures of this one!


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