Thursday 8 May 2014. Deer in the Sunrise

Departure time was 5:17 this morning; the temperature was 66 degrees F, the sky partly cloudy.

It would be a no-camera ride!

Outside my front door could hear toads singing!

After lots of recent afternoon rides really appreciated the stillness of the early morning.

The spring was advancing: the later-emerging little oak leaf clusters with their catkins hanging below them were dangling all limp and brand-new from the oaks along Race Street.

Hit a bump on the Race Street bike lane and my basket went, literally, flying off the handlebars. Was glad I managed to avoid hitting it as it came down; picked it up and kept going.

The sunrise was subtly colorful, with layers of mauve, turquoise, and peach near the horizon.

Smelled skunk in Meadowbrook Park on the path along Race Street near the rabbit-statue bridge, but not after the post-crossing turn east.

Deer were all over the park, in just about all the different spots (at least five) I remember having seen them. Some were small but larger than fawns, it seemed. None I saw sported antlers.

Must be nice for them to have the young shoots of prairie plants coming up after the long winter. Wondered whether their grazing changes the make-up of the plants that will bloom.

The prairie vegetation seemed slow in emerging. No spiderwort yet.

Wound through the trees along the “short loop,” where there were more deer.

Noticed more Jacob’s ladder on the P R Hickman wildflower walk.

On the way home caught a very clear view of a red fox, sitting quite close to the bike lane, close to where I’d seen a fox before.

It looked at me as if wanting to ask a question. Wondered how close one could safely get to a fox, but continued on to the day’s next event.


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