Tuesday 6 May 2014. Two Kinds of Shooting Stars

It was about 5:30 pm (yes, there was traffic, but not too bad in the bike lane) and a lovely 81 degrees F and a partly cloudy sky when Rhododendron and I headed out for Meadowbrook Park to check for shooting stars (Dodecatheon meadia).

Was slowed down by some southerly headwind close to the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek, so stopped instead of rolling right over and got a picture of this spot on the creek at this moment of its ebb and flow.

A little farther down the path got a photo of a willow next to Davis Creek, showing more green but still in early foliage.

Then went directly to the “soft” path through the prairie and the shooting stars.
There were lots in bloom!


Walked farther into the prairie, to the other place with shooting stars, and there were the pink ones!

It was a fast trip, and late afternoon doesn’t allow for the same level of awareness that’s possible in the early morning, but it was good to catch the shooting star bloom at its fleeting height.


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