Sunday 4 May 2014. Out in the Country: Surprised by Things Like the Wild Asparagus

Got out at 6:45 this morning, though had intended to start earlier. It’s been challenging to get into warm-season mode, hard to shake off the slow-motion of winter. Trusting it will improve!

The temperature was 52 degrees F with little breeze and a sky that was about half clear and half filled with furrowed clouds.

There were many sweetly singing white-throated sparrows about the neighborhood this morning, but didn’t hear the “New World” Largo and was irrationally annoyed and disappointed. Had I been wrong about the similarity? More importantly, do they have to sound like that to be beautiful?

Now that 30 Days of Biking has concluded, I’ve signed up to do the National Bike Challenge, which runs from 1 May to 30 September. It’s not that I need a challenge to keep me biking, but it is kind of fun to log the miles and name each route. (This one happens to be called “Windsor Road almost to St. Joe” (and back), about 18 miles). It’s nice to think of being in a huge community of cyclists, even though cycling for me usually is a time of sweet solitude.

So aimed due east of town, but first headed south.

Stopped to check on “my” apple tree (and its companion flowers), which didn’t seem to bear tons of blossoms. This may be more of a resting year for its apple production.

Rode to Windsor Road and then east, watching the straightforward sun come up over the green-bordered black-velvet fields, with the spreading clouds above.

The landscape was vast and open! But it was soothing, not boring, at least on the way out!

Crossed a very channelized creek and rode next to it while it paralleled the road.

20140509-210517.jpg Stopped briefly to look but didn’t find fish. [Saw a few shore birds I assumed were killdeer, but on looking them up later they turned out to be solitary sandpipers!] There were several killdeer in the fields nearby. At the same spot on the way back saw a great blue heron, which didn’t wait for me to get out the camera.

Saw a sign warning of a dangerous hill

but couldn’t easily tell where the hill was, exactly.

Just after turning back noticed a few shoots of asparagus!

Did pick one of the three that were evident.

The way back proved to be somewhat less comfortable than the ride out: it seemed to be uphill all the way to Philo Road! Guess I haven’t gone out very far lately and was feeling the extra distance. Need to work on taking care of that!

Back closer to home, at the golf course pond on Windsor, where I frequently see interesting birds, there was a great blue heron. Wondered if it was the same one spotted a ways back.

Looking forward to more longer trips.


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