Thursday 1 May 2014. Cool Afternoon Ride around Busey Woods

It was another cloudy, cool afternoon, about 3:45 pm, when I took a break from my indoor activities to get in a ride to the wonderful hill route around the outside of Busey Woods.

Now that 30 Days of Biking is complete (Got out and rode every day!) I’ve signed up for the National Bike Challenge, which goes from 1 May through 30 September. You can keep track of your mileage on their site as well as adding in to the total mileage of everyone signed up. See the link for more information.

My first stop on today’s ride was the Race Street bridge over the Boneyard Creek
The project to beautify (I think) the banks of the Boneyard has been taking a long time, and there seems to be little activity at the site. When I approached closer to get photos did see someone (maybe two people) apparently at work there.

Rode around Crystal Lake Park and stopped for a shot of the sycamore tree with the swaying trunk, which I like a lot but which is somewhat difficult to photograph for various reasons, including its proximity to the street.

Rode around Crystal Lake Park and past the Champaign County fairgrounds without stopping and then rounded the corner by the cemetery and down the hill with the usual delight. There were some cars, but everyone seemed to be alert and felt plenty safe.

A little ways down from the bottom of the hill stepped off the road slightly into Busey Woods to check out the May apples with their umbrella-like leaves. Even with the bit of traffic and the kids romping down the trails it felt like the woods, and it was deeply satisfying to rest a while among the May apples, tree trunks, and emerging spring foliage.



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