Wednesday 30 April 2014. The 30th-Day Ride to Weaver

It was about 3:30 pm when I got on Rhododendron for the last ride for 30 Days of Biking 2014. It felt colder than the phone weather ap’s 48 degrees F, maybe because of the north-northwest wind. Was glad I wore the glove-mittens.
Had wanted to make a slightly more spectacular ending to 30 Days of Biking but settled on a revisiting of Weaver Park.

Once again loved riding on the bike lanes on Main Street. Wonder how long it will be before I don’t think of them as “new.”

Stopped for a shot of the little grove of oak trees across from the Dart plant. 20140430-232348.jpg
Weaver Park looked empty in the wind as I walked Rhododendron through what I thought was a shortcut to the purported buffalo-wallow pond.

Next time will stick to the path even if the distance is a little longer.

Took a while of gazing out in the pond to see the ducks, at least a pair of mallards and also a pair or two of non-mallards (blue-winged teal, as I was later able to identify!). Also something swirled in the water close to shore but was not able to identify it.

On the way back took a photo of one of the bordering trees

and was surprised by a vulture flying low from out of its branches, then out near the pond and around a couple of times.

Felt refreshed with this visit to “wild” Weaver, a perfectly good finish for this year’s edition of 30 Days of Biking.

On the way home got a photo of a spring bulb garden I’d often admired.

And tomorrow will be the start of the National Bike Challenge!


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