Tuesday 29 April 2014. Windy Ride to Yankee Ridge w/ a Shooting Star Stop

Set out on Rhododendron for parts southeast at 1:30 pm today. The temperature was 61 degrees F and the sky a mixture of clear and cloudy, depending what part of it you saw. It was windy, briskly from the south-southwest, which meant the trip out involved providing energy (work) to counteract the air in motion. It made me think of a line in a Talking Heads song, “Air can hurt you, too.”

Stopped to photograph “my” awakening apple tree and the spring flowers that surrounded it.

Sped (slowed a little by the headwind) along the western edge of Meadowbrook Park, right over McCullough Creek without stopping, alas, but heading directly for the middle of the prairie to see whether any shooting star flowers had opened. Was very happy to see the water on the trail, evidence of the recent, much-needed rain.

Took a while to locate the little shooting star plants among last year’s prostrate yellow-grey grass, but did find them at last, and at least two had open flowers already!

It was difficult to get a good focus on the flowers, for some reason. Remembered this difficulty from last year.

Checked farther down the path to another place where I’d seen a few plants last year, and there were quite a number of patches of them in bud.

Then headed out toward Philo Road and on to Yankee Ridge.

It was work to proceed southward!

Had wanted to go farther, but between the wind and the shortness of time, turned back just after going over quiet Yankee Ridge on Old Church Road.

Really enjoyed the help from the tail wind on the way back!


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