Saturday 19 April 2014. White Flowers in Brownfield Woods

It was 39 degrees F (Brrrrr! Good thing I checked and dressed approriately!) and clear this morning at 6:10.

Was glad to catch a view of the sky just before the sun became visible. The dawn (bird) chorus had been going for a while already. Heard woodpeckers and was pleased to locate and actually see one in action. Hard to believe that little creature could make so much sound!

Then heard my beloved white-throated sparrows, of which my neighborhood seems to have plenty. They sing the heart of spring, at least to my ears. This morning did not hear the “Largo” variation, though did frequently earlier this week. Also, of course, were cardinals, robins, and other birds I would like to tune into more.

Today headed northeast toward High Cross Road and Brownfield Woods, enjoying the Main Street bike lanes on the way.

Saw the sun come up as a quite large pale yellow-orange disc among the little grove of oaks across from the Dart (formerly Solo Cup) plant. 20140419-082117.jpg
Crossing over I-74 realized I needed to visit my friendly bike shop so I could make the gear shift work again.

Stopped at the possum-bone site at the northeast corner of the bridge and documented the progress of time and weather on the bones I’d first spotted as a road kill two years ago. After the bones are clean and separated, they seem to change little, though it does seem like they get rearranged, perhaps by curious animals.

My thoughts gathered around the subject of death on this day before Easter, the whole day that everyone agrees the dead body of Jesus lay in a tomb. Thought of “Obamacare” and whether it would force people to be more realistic about death, about the deaths of the old and the young, about whether alienation was not worse than death, about what my yoga practice might teach me about death.

Then pedaled down a wonderfully quiet High Cross Road, feeling well enough but noticing I’ve been more receptive on previous trips.

Remembered seeing some Dutchman’s breeches on the edge of Brownfield Woods on a recent drive on High Cross Road, so kept an eye out for them. Sure enough, did see some and stopped for for photos.

There were more as I rode on north, plenty on the edge, and even more were visible inside the fence.
Then saw a nice clump of toothwort.

And then there was a nice patch of bloodroot, not as far along as the ones in my yard, which were about done.

The lush flowers were a delicious treat and worth the entire ride!

Heading back, noticed some bones embedded in the asphalt of the road, a more common occurrence than I would have imagined pre-Velo du Jour.

Riding home, continued to enjoy the almost total absence of cars from the “unwinding ribbon” of High Cross Road.

Thought also about the long winter from which we’ve just emerged and how spring certainly is a kind of resurrection.


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