Saturday 12 April 2014. Here Comes the Spring: First Meadowbrook Flowers!

At 6:15 this morning it was 45 degrees F, the sky with wide cloud masses but with enough of a gap to view the emerging sun-disc.

At the rabbit-statue bridge heard and also saw woodpeckers, hammering loudly up above. The other birds mentioned in previous posts, red-winged blackbirds and song sparrows, added to the soundtrack of the morning. And earlier in the trip, closer to home, recalled the earnest cardinals, the insistent (“you have to believe me!”) robins, and, at last, a heartbreakingly sweet white-throated sparrow. Noticed also on the way a bird-noise that took me a moment (because my mind was elsewhere) to identify as a flock–a “murder?”–of crows.

Saw a number of deer in the middle of the prairie but didn’t try to photograph them.

The tree swallows were swooping around the Freyfogel Overlook. Too fast for photos-you’ll have to take my word for it.

Was moved by the bare hint of color (yes, especially green) coming to the prairie landscape.

At the still-closed Windsor-Vine bridge cut through the “small loop” to check opposite the garden plots for early woodland flowers, the search for which yielded bloodroot!

Loved the way the plant resembles a little figure standing huddling a blanket around itself.

Had energy and time so headed south on Race Street and over toward silent Yankee Ridge.


Felt filled from bottom to top with the newness and the sweetness of this spring morning.



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