Wednesday 9 April 2014. First Signs of Shooting Stars

63 degrees F and sunshine at 3 pm.

Meadowbrook Park was crowded with people like me, wanting to be in nature in the beautiful (spring, at last!) weather. Being typically an early-morning visitor has spoiled me with expecting calm and solitude. It’s a different thing, also good, to enjoy nature among others doing likewise.

Sped across the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek (wheee!)
and did not go back for photos.

A little farther down the path noticed a willow tree just beginning to show hints of light green.

Ah, the sweet, so temporary, edge of spring!

What I really wanted to see on this trip was any sign of shooting stars (the flower), for which I had to go on the “soft”–it is now–path where the prairie was edged with some trees, where bikes are forbidden.

Well, I claimed the spirit of the law and carefully walked Rhododendron in toward where the shooting stars had been in previous springs.

Took a while to look among last year’s flattened, dry vegetation and finally spotted leaves I suspected were those of shooting stars.

Was happy to see them, happy to catch them at the beginning of their appearance for the year, happy to linger close to the ground for a little while and inhabit the just-waking prairie.

Retraced my path and headed back over the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek

And home.


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