Friday 4 April 2014. Windy Way to Weaver

It was 39 degrees F, cloudy and windy at 2 pm as Rhododendron and I headed, at last, for Weaver Park.

Now that 30 Days of Biking is upon us, I am back to daily rides, more true to the title of this blog! (Though only Twitter “tweet” reports for most days; we’ll see how much the blog will pick up.) Must say I notice the efects at the end of the day.

Must say also that I really liked the new bike lanes on E. Main Street! Still need to be aware of motorists who are not used to the lanes, but do feel relieved of some of the vigilance of riding with motor vehicles.

Was glad to see Weaver Park again, and glad the paths were passable.

Made my way to the sunken pond, the alleged former buffalo-wallow. There were a few mallard ducks there.

Weaver Park feels like a wild place, somehow, but there are a lot of marks of human influence.

Out in the little prairie the wind blew the grass down, and the clouds lent more drama to the landscape.


Overhead, at the margins of the park could see two or three turkey vultures, their v-shapes tilting back and forth rather rapidly in the gusty wind.

Took a photo of a tree near the northeast margin that I suspected of being the purported ancient chinkapin oak. Need to work on confirming that.

On the very windy way home took note of a sign that still seems ambiguous to me:

Does it mean bikes have permission to use the lane or that cars should watch because it’s possible they will?

By the time I reached downtown Urbana, had to get off the bike and walk on the sidewalk; it was so west-windy and didn’t relish the thought of getting blown into a car.

Afterward felt a happy mild fatigue to have met and spent time, “au vélo,” with the spring wind!


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