Sunday 30 March 2014. Frost and Sun

At 6 this morning could see Venus through the kitchen window, the sky beginning to lighten. By departure time (6:20) there was plenty of light, but still did not miss the appearance of the sun-disc over Meadowbrook Park! The temperature was 27 degrees F and the air was mostly calm. The scenery outside was whitened by a light coating of frost.

Had to be careful on the way to Meadowbrook of the many potholes on Race Street, even in the bike lane!

It was not hard to find examples!

Must say it was obvious from the newer dollops of asphalt in them that the city was trying not to leave gaping holes in the streets.

Still, it’s been hard to keep up. Looks like a lot of construction coming this summer.

At Meadowbrook, the grass and trees were lightly frosted. As I stopped at the open area near the “double sunrise” statue,” the actual sun-disc began to appear.

Stopped at the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek to photograph the stick-(not log-) jam downstream.

Also, looking upstream, got the sun coming up over the confluence of Davis and McCullough creeks.

Heard the woodpeckers, red-winged blackbirds, song sparrows at what sounded to me like, or at least made me think of, joyful work.

The changing sunlight on the frosted prairie was compelling, really spring-like in its energy, despite the temperature.

Was aware of being perched on an edge: knew that this elaborate display would very soon disappear with the quickly rising temperature.

The prairie with its frost did not make me think “prostrate” today; the frost drew attention to the tops of the surviving vertical stems.

Saw quite a few deer in the middle of the prairie, moving around. They made more sound than usual; maybe frosted grass is noisier.

After the loop of Meadowbrook continued east on Windsor Road and south on Philo to Old Church Road and Yankee Ridge! Felt a strong urge to get some miles in, now that the time with light is increasing and the roads are snow- and ice-free.

Noticed once again how quiet it is going up Yankee Ridge on Old Church. Stopped at the top to get a photo of the frosted pre-planting landscape below with the sun rising above it.

It was good to be back at this special place, this subtle vantage point. Felt like the gateway to spring and to longer rides!


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