Sunday 16 February 2014. Short Icicle Walk

At 7:45 this morning it was 21 degrees F and mostly cloudy, though the sun-disc was clearly visible low in the southeastern sky. On the ground was yet another layer of new snow, this three or so inches particularly light and fluffy.

Have been hit by the virus that went through my house that I thought I’d escaped (or a different one) and so gave up the idea of winter cycling this weekend, alas. But couldn’t bear the thought of not being out with the snowy landscape for a whole weekly cycle, and determined at least to walk a little in the fresh snow and look for some good icicles, which are plentiful this winter.

So applied the necessary layers and stepped out, sans vélo, (only for emergencies, of course) briefly into the winter morning.

Quickly found icicles, though I think there were more of them and larger yesterday or the day before.

Stopped at Carle Park to document the state of the snow.

Noticed that feeling under the weather made finding attractive images more difficult.

Then turned around and walked home. On the way got a couple more icicle shots.


Was truly glad to be out!

Even thought I could do a little shoveling, though that proved to be a mistake and was glad I succeeded in persuading my older son to finish the job.

Next week, one way or another, will do a proper bike trip, in the true manner of Velo du Jour!


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