Sunday 2 February 2014. Too Much

Did not make it out the door till 8 this morning, when it was 19 degrees F, with the clouds beginning to break up and the air calm.

The water from yesterday’s rain and melting snow that had not run off had frozen solid.

The straps of my helmet were stiff.

It definitely was a day for a “just down the street” ride.

Hoped Blue’s brakes weren’t frozen, and, indeed, they did function.

Got down the driveway, but soon after, the chain came off.

Got the chain back on and made it about three quarters of the way to the first busy street when turning the pedals ceased to make the back wheel turn, but only turned the gears. Darn. Poor Blue; guess I pushed it too far.

Was disappointed, walking the bike back home. But was still glad to be out in the cold ice-and-snow morning with the singing cardinals.


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