Saturday, 25 January 2014. A Glimpse of the Arboretum in Snow

6:45 am, 30 degrees F (didn’t believe it at first, the previous reading was -2, and there is talk of closing schools Monday for subzero temps), a northerly breeze was blowing and a bit more snow had recently fallen over the partly melted mounds.

This morning’s ride was a bonus, made possible by an unexpected gap in the schedule. Thought of just riding down the street again–always there is something to see, always it’s good to get out au velo and meet the morning and its weather.

So filled Blue’s tires: enough snow had melted that my son was able to get it off of the rack at school and bring it home. Was glad it was available; Rhododendron has been serving me well in the elements so far, but Blue is a mountain bike, after all, made for more for more uneven surfaces, like snow and ice.

Set out, then, under the waning, slightly less than half-full moon, which presided a good way up, half-way between the eastern and western sky.

Felt comfortable enough to go “somewhere,” (i.e., beyond just down the street) and thought the arboretum and Japan House garden would be a good brief destination.

It was!

Was amazed at how quickly a pleasing landscape presented itself: snow, trees, little hills, morning calm.

Could not get very far with Blue up the path around Japan House. But stopped for a little view of evergreens with lots of animal tracks leading to a little pine.

It doesn’t always happen this way, but today felt very contented to be in this quiet, beautiful place for just this short time.

On the way back stopped for a distant view of the Idea Garden framed by snow and sweet gums with their dangling (and dropping), ornament-like seed-structures.

And rode home carefully, taking this snowy winter as it comes.


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