Sunday 19 January 2014. A Really Short Ride Through Frozen Slush

At 7:20 this morning it was 18 degrees F under a heterogeneously partly-cloudy sky. The ground was white with a thin layer of new snow that covered the older, melted-down mounds. The streets were coated with a thin and loose but definitely frozen layer of slush.


Earlier this morning I sat with a friend recovering from surgery in the hospital. We talked a little, but also she needed to rest, so there was time just to look out the window and watch clouds. Even though I like (a lot!) to watch the sky on my bike rides, it was a special pleasure to sit with my friend, looking through the fixed frame of the window and seeing just how much the clouds move in different directions and change and don’t just march pre-formed across the sky. Also got to see the very first light come up, and then a textured band of clouds illuminated in orange-pink from below. How often does one get to sit, undisturbed, for pretty much the whole performance of the sunrise?

The actual trip this morning was just down the street to the coffee shop.
Went slowly and carefully through the slush. Missed my Meadowbrook fix but did touch the weather with my road bike, Rhododendron.


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