Sunday 29 December 2013. The Sky Changes, Like Everything

At 6:45 this morning it was 36 degrees F. The sky was grey with darker-grey shapes. Overall it was still rather dark, and what was visible of the sunrise was not dramatic.

A few widely scattered little piles of snow survived, but generally, travel on Rhododendron to Meadowbrook Park was not hindered by precipitation or excessive cold.

The first stop was for a shot of the weathering apples.

Then on to Meadowbrook. There, got another shot of the “wonky Christmas tree.” Today it suggested to me someone going into the yoga pose Ardha Chandrasana (half-moon).

Near the rabbit bridge over McCullough Creek heard what sounded like a large number of crows (more than a “murder,” I think!) cawing. This morning I’d hoped to use the zoom on the new camera Santa had so generously given me to photograph birds, but these were too far off even for the zoom.

Looked downstream from the bridge at a pile of sticks in the creek and did see the two (or more?) birds I’d noticed scurrying around there before but could not see well enough to get any shot with the iPhone or even identify. Did train the new camera on them and get a couple of shots where you could tell for sure they were birds (an improvement over the iPhone), but still couldn’t tell which ones and so not worth posting.

Noticed (bracket?) fungi on the sapling trees a little way down the path, near where I’d noticed all the lichens last time.

Saw after crossing the little bridge over Davis Creek what seemed like a large group of deer near the Marker statue. Tried the new camera on them; the shots looked “washed out.” Need to learn those settings better.

Took some shots of the dark bush clover against the sky and pale grass.

Tried the panoramic feature of the new camera on the lovely clouds which seemed to be breaking up above the prairie. Here is the iPhone approximation.

Visited the closed Windsor/Vine bridge,

20140105-174039.jpg the bolted barricade of which I carefully scaled to stand on the middle of its span. Understood the purpose of the closure: to not take people by surprise with the slipperiness of the surface, and since I was quite mindful of this hazard figured I still was in compliance with the spirit of the direction.

Looking upstream got a close view of the old and budding flower/seed parts of an alder, decorated like a Christmas tree.

Looking downstream took picture of the winter creek as the clouds above started to thicken again.


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