Sunday 15 December 2013. Snow and Ice

It was 16 degrees F this morning at 6:30, and the ground outside was covered with about 5 inches of snow.

It had fallen the night before last, and so at least the streets had been plowed, though also they were icy as the snow that had begun to melt refroze. Had no idea of where or how far I would go this morning; the snow in front of the garage door was not encouraging. But this is Velo du Jour (!) and I was eager to venture on Rhododendron into the ambient weather!

Rode slowly and carefully. Balancing, balancing, like skating. Was glad for the sparsity of traffic; even so, there were cars here and there. Gave them as wide a berth as possible.

Had to get a shot of “my” apple tree with the snow.

Rode carefully. How does one ride a bike through snow and ice? Very, very carefully! With a lot of attention. Maybe also tension, on top of that. Had some fear, all right, but kept going.

Wanted to ride on to Meadowbrook Park to see frozen, snow-covered McCullough Creek. The trip there would be ok, but did not like the thought of freezing, freezing hands on the way back. So set a modest goal of the Japan House garden.

Stopped carefully and got a shot at the prairie planting on Florida and Orchard.

It was nice to ride on the cleared bike path along Lincoln Avenue, but even here there were patches of ice, with treacherous re-frozen ice balls.

20131215-080214.jpg Thought of the word “zamboni.”

Stopped in the parking area for the U of I Arboretum, on the north side of the Japan House garden and got a couple of photos.

But then realized my hands were FREEZING and decided to head back. It’s stopping for pictures that makes the heat disappear!

Not an ambitious trek, this morning, but a trek, and intimacy with the outside world as it, nevertheless!


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