Saturday 30 November 2013. Still More Down-Shifting

It was already almost 6:45 by the time I got out this morning, the temperature 30 degrees F, the sky clear, the air mostly calm. The very thin, almost new moon shone delicately in the southeastern sky,

visible from the back yard as I eagerly brought Rhododendron out for a ride to Meadowbrook Park.

Was well-prepared, with two layers of mittens and hand- as well as foot-warmers. Maybe overkill, but better to have and not need than need and not have. Really want to take care of the equipment (e.g., fingers and toes) for longer use.

The recent cold temperatures had done a number on more of the surviving plant material, like this apple tree.

20131130-080611.jpg The color-meter continues to drop deeper into the neutral range.

Rode along the northern edge of Meadowbrook as the sun was rising. Got some shots of the remains of mountain mint, Baptisia, prairie dock, compass plants.

Stopped by the Windsor/Vine bridge, which still was roped off with caution tape, waiting for the art work to be finished. Wished they’d hurry with it, but it made me realize how spoiled I am to automatically expect someone else to hurry up and make things pleasant for me.

So locked Rhododendron and walked along McCullough Creek near the bridge. Noticed the sprigs of Bradford pear along the banks, still with leaves but not so bright as last week.

Walked down a little way past the bridge, noticing old beaver work, remembering when I saw beavers swim under the bridge.

There was some ice on the water’s surface, even places where it was broken and refrozen. It was very, very quiet. Looked down the creek knowing there was more to see but was content with this little glimpse of eternity.

Hooray for this morning at Meadowbrook, this last day of November!


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