Wednesday 13 November 2013. After the Big Leaf-Drop

At 1:23 this afternoon (the sun was low toward the south and already clearly in the western half of the sky) the temperature was 37 degrees F, the sky lightly spread with cirrus clouds and cross-crossed with con trails.

Are there usually so many of them (con trails)? Maybe I’m just not used to looking at the sky at this time of day. There was a fairly stiff breeze blowing, from the south, I think, though seemed like I was headed into it going east(?).

Was eager just to get out and document the latest fall event: a massive leaf drop. The night before last it rained, got cold, and then snowed, enough to make a light blanket that lasted, in places, at least a day. It made the leaves just plummet unceremoniously, en masse from a lot of trees, like the tulip trees that were so gorgeous only Sunday.

The ginkgoes, of course, all let go of all their leaves, the ones full of yellow ones and the ones whose still were green.

So made a quick trip southeast, toward Meadowbrook Park, to see how this autumn was advancing.

Along Race Street there still were some oaks and maples with clinging leaves, but on the ground was a golden carpet of leaves that had fallen.

Rode along the northern edge of Meadowbrook. Of course would have liked to go in exploring, but today’s mission was most importantly about the leaves.

Noticed with chagrin the cleared margin between Meadowbrook Park and the expanding Clark-Lindsay Village, preparing for the coming demand of my (g-g-g)generation.

Did get a few shots of the weathering remains of this year’s prairie growth, including a spotted, curled prairie dock leaf

20131115-125635.jpg and a hawthorn (crab?) with a lot of aging fruit.

Saw that the trees were not all entirely bare, but fall had made serious progress.


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