Sunday 10 November 2013. Muted Meadowbrook

This morning, at last, would get back to Meadowbrook Park! Knew I’d missed a lot during this time of seasonal transition, but felt ready for whatever it was like now.

It was 6:22, the temperature 34 degrees F, the sky clear, and the air calm when Rhododendron and I rolled over the recently fallen leaves in the street toward Meadowbrook.

There were some bare trees, already, and some still green, but the feature today was tulip (poplar) trees: dressed for this brief time to the nines in full, deep golden leaves. 20131110-080132.jpg
Stopped for photos, but wanted to get going in the limited November daylight to see what Meadowbrook was like. Besides, felt a need to warm up: was having a teary, slow, chilly start. See what happens when too many days go by “sans velo?”

Got a shot of the elm (American?) that was showing only a few yellow leaves among many green a couple weeks ago.

At Meadowbrook got a shot of the “rabbit” (statue) bridge over McCullough Creek, under which there was faintly moving water.

The sun rose over the fluffy goldenrod seed heads. Was surprised to see it quite so far to the south. Takes a while of observing to know where the sun will be when.

Checked the” Marker” gentian site for any sign of bottle gentians, which I knew would be well past bloom, but did manage to find recognizable remains.

Also thought this shot of the statue was appropriate for this time of year, not morbid, just honest.

Honestly, was COLD from here to home–am I just not used to it?
The temperature was not even at freezing, for crying out loud.

Stopped, nevertheless, at the Freyfogel Overlook to get a view of the sunlight coming up on the prairie. Always, always I am glad to be on the prairie, but have to say that today it wasn’t a showcase of fall color but shifted solidly toward winter mode.

Out in front of the overlook heard aomething largish moving through the dry vegetation. Saw the tail of a deer and expected the rest of it to materialize, but it did not. They’re really good at hiding. br />
On the way back there was just enough of a northwesterly breeze to subtract a little more heat from the existing deficit. I so would not have made it on an Antarctic expedition with Ernest Shackleton or Douglas Mawson!

Was grateful for my winter vélos of last year and hopeful for some approximation of them in the winter ahead!


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