Tuesday 29 October 2013. Micro-Velo: Autumn Leaves on Cedar Street

Was on a very short, utilitarian ride, with no temperature measurement nor sky description this morning and felt frustrated that I wasn’t out enjoying the fall colors (which have turned out to be stunning and prolonged–so much for the idea that good colors require plentiful moisture in summer) “au velo.”

Also fretted about taking so many pictures that I could never organize: every flaming tree, let alone groups of them, makes me want to capture an image….

But then just decided for this little stretch of Cedar Street to indulge in beholding the glorious, fleeting masses of fire-colored leaves through the iPhone; to love it like any full-fledged bike ride about which I might post: voici!

At Green Street

At Illinois Street, looking east.

At Illinois Street, looking west

At California Street, east side

At California Street, west side

Near Oregon Street

Near Nevada Street

Was happy to catch a few moments of the changing, passing autumn in its glory. It was strange and amazing, though, to note how all these masses of leaves had been for months an inconspicuous green and then one day, it seemed, became e.g., bright red. When was the transition?

Yes, there is always more beauty and wonder out there, just about any way one might turn, down the block or across the ocean, always moving and passing, than we can possibly take in! But any little part of it for which we can stop and be present, like these few moments today, is as large as eternity.


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