Thursday 11 October 2013. Old Flowers Against the Sky

Didn’t plan on a trip today, but needed an accessory for the homecoming dance (for my son, that is) and was trying to decide between taking the car to Target or biking on Rhododendron to Meijer.

Don’t remember the temperature, but it was nice enough that I risked not finding what I was looking for to be out in it.

And also it would take me by Meadowbrook Park, of which I could at least get a wide, quick view.

Mostly there were no visible flowers, (yes, of course the bottle gentians were hidden out there somewhere, the object for a future expedition) but here and there were some late bloomers asserting their colors, like these Heliopsis.

Noticed a plant with long curling ends that looked whimsical against the clouded sky and wondered what flowers had been on them.

Later figured out it was a giant ragweed.

Really liked the shapes of the seed heads of what were the different prairie flowers, especially against the clouds.


Yellow coneflower

Mountain mint, Monarda, purple coneflower


Noticed I wasn’t sad about the lack of flowers; the plants made interesting compositions in their present state. Was content with how things were, at least for these moments.

Them did succeed in getting the accessory, as well. It was a victory for cycling over driving!


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