Wednesday 2 October 2013. A Quick Early Autumn Visit to Weaver Park

At a little after 8 this morning it was 70 degrees, with a bit of fog.

Had to do a little errand at the local Walmart and figured I could squeeze in a quick stop to Weaver Park, which I’d visited at the beginning of the Penstemon bloom (late May), but not really since then.

Rhododendron and I headed east on Main Street. Stopped to get a shot of the lovely cluster of oaks across from the Dart plant. 20131002-232215.jpg

At Weaver Park, there were a few still-golden goldenrods,20131002-232443.jpg but more of them were spent.

Walked the mowed path a ways, past what may have been the ancient chinkapin oak and a dark wooded stretch on the east side of the path. Today it felt a little scary; was really tempted to turn around right there and leave.
The path being so overgrown didn’t help. But then spotted a hawk soaring around the edge of the open part of the park and stopped to watch it. Had no real hope of getting a recognizable photo; maybe one with a dot to remind me it was there. Couldn’t identify it positively; it was largish with relatively short, broad wings. But it got me to stay a while.

Nevertheless didn’t feel brave or persistent enough to traverse the grassy (as in six-foot grass) path to the hidden “buffalo-wallow” pond in the middle of the park. Alas.

Felt a little sad to have missed so much at Weaver Park this year. Remembered fondly the lovely scenes from last year. So our (good or bad) experiences lay a background and create expectations for the next time around. Can there really be a fresh perception? Always there is baggage. So many layers to the present.

On the short walk back saw a dead short-tailed shrew (Blarina brevicauda) in the path. Sorry for the graphic representation of this dead being, but was so struck by the density of its dark fur. 20131003-105036.jpg
Then saw a very handsome example of aging bush clover, the seed head of which was amazingly reminiscent of the shrew’s fur. 20131003-151517.jpg
Proceeded then eastward on Main Street to Walmart, which does have bike parking after all. Not sure whether it’s new since last year or whether I just discovered it, but it’s unlike any bike parking I ever used before.

20131003-152224.jpg It has a place to hold the front wheel and then an arm that swings down to lock to the frame. Clever, though I wonder if they expected much use of them: a few of the units were partly pulled out from the concrete.

It was still cloudy on the way home; hoped that meant eventual rain.


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