Sunday 29 September 2013. A Little Rain on the First Fall Colors

The temperature was 59 degrees F this morning at 6:45, and the sky was cloudy, though the texture and shapes of clouds were visible.

It had rained early this morning, a very welcome though small rain in a very dry late summer and now early fall.

There were small puddles along Race Street, along with apples near the very prolific tree across from the high school soccer field. 20130929-074330.jpg
It would be a short ride this morning; no matter, the important thing was to be moving outside, witnessing the first “turning” leaves, which have started appearing in the past few days.

And for flowers, there still were some at the “Prairie Zone” planting on Florida and Orchard.
Noticed a few kinds of goldenrods and also of asters.

Saw several bees barely moving on the goldenrods. The end of the season, likely the end of their individual lives. This is the way it works. Not so much about loss as about process.

The little prairie planting was moving toward the neutral colors of the end if the season, but it still was possible to get colorful close-ups. Still, most of the plants had fallen over and were lying at casual and various angles, not standing on ceremony, as it were.

The foliage of a few prairie plants was going red, as if it had been spray-painted.

The sky after I’d taken a few pictures seemed to be clearing, or trying to clear. The seed heads and old flowers made nice compositions against the brightening sky.

Alas, the rides for miles don’t seem to have been happening, but each breath on Rhododendron gives me life-sustaining contact with the world and a window on the way
it changes. It’s good to do it while I can.


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