Sunday 22 September 2013. Gently Waning Goldenrod

On this beautiful, clear Sunday morning it was 50 degrees F at 6:25, the air mostly calm, and the slightly less than full moon bright and well-defined in the upper southwest quadrant of the cloudless sky. I filled Rhododendron’s tires full and departed for Meadowbrook Park, paying close attention to the knees that will have to behave for my upcoming yoga teacher assessment.

Already down to weekly velos! And the mileage is not much, even though the weather is still comfortable. Well, there’s no use worrying about that when here is a beautiful ride right now!

Rode along the north side of Meadowbrook to see what the wide view of the mid-September prairie was like: there were a whole lot of seed heads among the goldenrod, which themselves were not as brightly gold as they were last week.

20130922-081948.jpg There still were several Gaura with fresh, delicate white-pink blooms.

20130922-082043.jpg The Baptisia seed pods made lovely arrangements amid the goldenrod and the other seed heads.

Saw no cream gentians along Windsor, where they’d been abundant last year, though they may be there, out of my view.

Saw milkweed with milkweed bugs but no monarchs, neither larvae nor adults.

The cream gentians at the Freyfogel Overlook (at which point I turned back) were small and mostly brown, the peak of their season well passed.

Hoped to come back and focus on bottle gentians later in the week.

Got a shot of some of the figures from the “Folk Art” sculpture amid the goldenrods. They always make me think “difficult emotions” or even “flavors of unhappiness.”

20130928-065355.jpg One could imagine them anticipating the stark winter ahead. Checked my own mood barometer and found a not unpleasant reading, though it was more on the “sober” than the “elated” side. Here it is, whatever it is. Still plenty of sunny yellow.

Rode out Windsor toward High Cross Road; stopped and turned around at the Stone Creek development, because of the water there–always the possibility of seeing something interesting. Sure enough, saw some non-bird critter swimming away, then suddenly three forms quickly submerged together. Don’t know what they were.

Saw ducks at the west end of the pond; then a belted kingfisher swooped down from a little tree on the bank to the water and up again, flying to the other side. Did not get a photo, of course. But then after getting a shot of the skittish ducks, the kingfisher came back, sat on the little tree, and posed for this just recognizable portrait.

Though nature abhors a golf course (a lot of chemicals sustain them, from what I understand), can’t help liking the little artificial water landscape at Stone Creek. Sometimes a very artificial place can be a window to nature.


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