Wednesday 4 September 2013. The Decline of the Cardinal Flowers.

It’s getting to be a while since this ride, so there will be fewer details than there would have been otherwise.

It was afternoon, again, and the day was so gorgeous, and I had a little time, so off Rhododendron and I went to Meadowbrook Park.

Was surprised, almost shocked, to see the cardinal flowers so far through their bloom.

20130912-153603.jpgSeems they lasted longer last year. Maybe it was the recent heat wave combined with lack of rain late in the summer. Ah, these, too pass. Like they do every year.

As long as I kept moving, the temperature was comfortable, but stopping in the full sun was pretty warm. Wasn’t able to notice much new. But the cream gentians still were compelling.

Wondered whether the deer or some other mammal had been eating gentian flowers; these plants looked kind of ravaged.

20130912-154253.jpg Wondered if these would have been blue ones (bottle gentians). No sign yet if those.

Just another shot of cream gentians and back home.

20130912-154831.jpg Not a day for getting swept into the glory of nature and waxing on the details, but the brief, somber days count, too.


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