Friday 16 August 2013. In the Dark

The temperature was 61 degrees F, the sky was cloudy. Wanted to see exactly when the first light came up, and did indeed accomplish that.

Was still quite dark, almost scary dark, when I got to Meadowbrook Park. No speeding over the rabbit bridge today! Stayed dark all the way around the big loop and through the path by McCullough Creek and the Hickman wildflower walk. The cloudy sky delayed the already late light.

Was surprised to see (barely) a few other souls there, recognizable mostly by their gait.

The light started to come up only when I got back on Race Street At Windsor Road.

Already miss the early sunrise! How brief and beautiful the season is! How grateful, if also sad, I am to have watched it pass!


About Velo du Jour

I am a 61 year old mom/wife, former biologist, and presently certified Iyengar yoga teacher, and I love, besides biking (and other things), nature, swimming, drawing, photography, yarn, exploring adoption themes, and putting people at ease. In April 2012, I participated in "30 Days of Biking " on Twitter, sponsored by a group of "joyful cyclists" in Minneapolis during the month of April. I loved tweeting about each day's ride so much I didn't want to stop! "Velo du Jour" is a continuation of recording and sharing my rides post-30 Days of Biking.
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