Wednesday 31 July 2013. Beaded Spider Webs and Cardinal Flower Debut

It was 70 degrees F at 6:30 am, with fog and light drizzle.

Had a ridiculous “argument” with myself about whether to take Rhododendron and get it wet or take the car to Meadowbrook and have a long walk, which I haven’t been doing much with all the bike riding….

Actually decided first to take the car, but then had to go back because I’d left the iPhone on the charger and just could not let all these beautiful photographs go untaken! When I got back just decided to not worry about rust and take the bike after all. Did worry about whether all the wonderful fog would be gone by the time I got my act together to make it to Meadowbrook. Oh, the self-imposed obstacles to peace….

But even with the delays, Meadowbrook was a foggy wonderland! It would have been worth the trip for the water-beaded spider webs alone! Decided to park poor, wet Rhododendron and walk the big loop to maximize observation of the enchanted landscape.

Again wished for a fancy camera; did see a guy stalking the spider webs with a large camera and tripod.

Took lots and lots of spider web photos. Here are a few.




Stopped to look at McCullough/Davis creeks from the rabbit bridge and noticed a small but clear bit of red: cardinal flowers!!

20130805-213906.jpg</a Had to go down through at least some of the vegetation to get closer! As I wondered how I would get across the stream to see it, noticed, on my side of the stream, two vigorous plants with tiny red buds! Contented myself with a couple of shots;

would be back for more!

In addition to the beaded spider webs were leaves and stems decorated with beads of water.



Got really absorbed in the seemingly endless ways water could condense on and cling to thin surfaces. A taste of Samadhi, perhaps?

br />
Back home, wiped Rhododendron down with a Shamwow (or the Aldi version thereof). This awesome trip was worth the work, though I really want to take care of dear Rhododendron and not subject it to too much more wet weather.


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