Thursday 17 July 2013. A Rich Summer Bloom, with Mist


It’s getting to be a while already since I took this trip; don’t remember the temperature or wind conditions, nor what time I got out of the house.

But I do know there was a layer of mist over Meadowbrook Park, which always makes for an atmosphere of mystery and interesting pictures.
Showy tick trefoil(Desmodium canadense) rose above the misty horizon. 20130801-091245.jpg
The compass plants were blooming, though a lot if them are not very tall. Also, there were, as seen in this shot, plenty of Culver’s root, rattlesnake master, mountain mint, and Monarda in bud.

The purple prairie clover were still in bloom, though haven’t been able to follow the trajectory.
The common milkweed are still blooming and also making pods. This one had two pairs of handsome (presumably aposomatic) “longhorned” milkweed beetles. But still have seen no sign of monarch butterflies, alas!

20130801-092949.jpghad to include a shot with more yellow coneflowers; they are so photogenic.



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