Sunday 7 July 2013. Time Lapse: More Kinds of Flowers, Full-Bloom Lead Plant

Just back from a family vacation, where I took some pictures but rebelled against journaling: at the beginning of the trip my notes were again swallowed into the ether of cyberspace. 😦 So all of my vacation writing was devoted to trying to catch up on Velo du Jour. How far from being in the present can we go?

It’s getting to be a while, again, but I know I was beyond happy to be back on Rhododendron to see what had appeared at Meadowbrook Park since my last visit!

Fortunately did record the weather information: temperature 66 degrees F and humid, sky cloudy, breeze from the south. Got a bit of a late start, but here I was!

There was a blanket of fog over Meadowbrook but could see it dispersing as I approached.
So here are the photos and what I remember about them.
McCullough/Davis creeks were this full; still running.
Purple-pink Monarda were getting thicker, yellow cone flowers were newly blooming, mountain mint also was showing its many little white flowers. 20130707-095958.jpg
The dark yellow Heliopsis showed up well in foregrounds. 20130707-100046.jpg
And, ah! The glorious, audacious lead plant! Was sad to think I missed the very peak of its bloom, but so grateful to have seen this year’s growing buds and this still-lovely post-climax.
Could see many kinds of flowers from the Freyfogel Overlook, but overall green was the dominant color. There was an occasional spiderwort flower but mostly lots of plants in seed.
The candelabra flowers of Culver’s root had appeared, but I did not get a good photo.

Saw my first Meadowbrook compass plant bloom of the year! 20130724-100535.jpg
It wasn’t very tall. Will there be taller ones later or is it just a year for them to be shorter?

Have not given up on catching up on old trips! Time is short, but, to overuse a currently popular phrase, “It’s all good!”


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