Thursday 6 June 2013. No Photos: Meadowbrook and Yankee Ridge with a Friend

Left the phone/camera at home again and rode with a friend to Meadowbrook Park. The temperature was about 62 degrees F; the sky was partly cloudy.

The Penstemon at Meadowbrook were like snow, not everywhere but widespread and thick in places.

More spiderwort were closed than open.

Saw the two patches of blue flag iris but didn’t get close. Curious that they are less spectacular in this wet spring. At least so far.

My friend and I almost ran into a deer.

The lead plant by the Freyfogel Overlook was showing clear buds.

Rode east out Windsor Road and then south on Philo to Old Church. Yankee Ridge was a breeze on Rhododendron.
Made the first right turn; rode as far as the first horse stable.

Overhead flew nine ducks, to the south, then one flew east. Close by in a puddle in a field were a couple of good-sized birds I thought at first were ducks. On closer observation, their thin, curved bills suggested they were some kind of shore bird.

The ride reminded my friend of living in France, where she frequently rode her bike through the countryside. Her stories reminded me about possible opportunities for my son to go to Europe next summer. Does time fly or what??
At about 6:30, the sun started to break through the clouds, sending rays of light in a dramatic way around it. It made me think, “God.”
Sunrise w:Rays Th 6 June 13

Grateful for another June morning.


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