Saturday 15 June 2013. Thick Clouds and More over Starbuck’s.

Took my time getting out this morning; it was 5:45 as I rolled out on Rhododendron. It was 66 degrees F and the grey clouds were thick and lumpy, preventing a view of the sun-disc. Hoped it wouldn’t rain; Rhododendron already has rust (carefully contained, but still,) from its many years of existence.

The neighborhood linden flowers were (at last!) generously giving off their June fragrance.

Rode north through downtown Urbana toward, ok, one of the thousands of scarily ubiquitous Starbuck’s cafes of the world.

20130702-080917.jpgBut it calms and centers me to sit at a table around which I’m not responsible for the maintenance of order, sipping the miraculous substance of coffee and writing or sketching a little.

Also, the location of this particular Starbuck’s affords a decent view of the sky, which, by the time I left for home at 6:30, seemed like it was beginning to clear. The clouds looked like they were pulling apart and getting thinner, and the sun was partly visible. Then, looked up from unlocking Rhododendron and clearly saw a great blue heron heading west and a little south. Like the view of the sun, unexpected!

Thought the frequent flight of herons over central Illinois was a good example of how many beautiful, wonderful, yes, and horrific, things go on right next to us but outside of our notice.



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