Friday 14 June 2013. Very Quick Visit to Meadowbrook:Lead Plant, No Deer.

On this clear, calm morning, it was 57 degrees at 5:02. Still haven’t made it out before 5, but getting closer!
Well, I’m getting so behind in these posts, decided to take the shortest possible trip to Meadowbrook Park and limit myself to three photos. Talk about a challenge!

So straight to the Freyfogel Overlook, via Vine Street, which I’m getting to appreciate more, went on Rhododendron. My mind was crowded with the kinds of concerns common to parents of teens and young adults in the summertime, but still was able to feel the privelige of riding a bike on an empty street on a fresh summer morning.

And the little expanse of prairie at Meadowbrook once again opened its calm and its comfort to me. Even with all the hurry of squeezing things in, was able to receive its riches.

Stopped to observe some new black-eyed Susans, but didn’t want to walk in for a shot. Closer to the path was a handsome pair of pre-blooming common milkweed plants, of which I got a shot in front of the western sky, which the sunrise had tinted mauve.
Common Milkweed and Western Sky at Sunrise
Then checked on the lead plant, with its “festive” foliage, which was still in bud.
Lead Plant, Coreopsis, and Sky
Noticed a patch of yellow flowers I didn’t recognize, which looked near the end of their bloom; how come I only now spotted them? They seemed to be food for quite a number of leaf beetles.
Unknown Yellow Flowers w:Lots of Beetles
The Penstemon and spiderwort were still widespread but on the decline. Wanted to come back later to see if more spiderwort would be open.
The Coreopsis, which seemed unusually abundant this year, still made a nice foil around the lead plant, but there were fewer blooms than last time in the two patches just south of the overlook. Remembered expecting them to cover the prairie like the spiderwort when I’d seen them first blooming in previous years, but they turn out to be much more confined, as well as shorter-blooming. Still, for a time, their gold-yellow enlivens the prairie’s spring palate.
Wide View Prairie w: Waning Penstemon and Western Sunrise Sky
Unlike during the past few visits, did not see any deer this morning.

Went over my 3-photo limit, but did restrain myself from photographing the stately Baptisia.
Then headed home, amazed again by how satisfying even a short trip to the prairie can be.


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