Thursday 13 June 2013. Too Threatening

Almost got out before the stroke of 5, but then forgot something and then it was 5:04. đŸ˜¦ The temperature was 72 degrees F, and there was a fairly stiff head wind as Rhododendron and I headed north. The sky was covered with a lumpy blanket of clouds, with darker ones to the north. No rising sun-disc show today. Yet, the phone weather information did not
Downtown U Sunrise 13 June 13indicate rain, so off I went in the direction of Weaver Park.

The sky seemed to get darker rather than lighter as time went by. Noticed a feeling of fear about the clouds; it annoys me to be so easily scared by clouds. Just had to start the self-talk (“How bad do you really think it is right now?”), and it was better.

Seems I’m not the only one who has trouble getting out of the house by 5. The streets were empty of pedestrians/cyclists and only a very few cars passed.

Not quite to the Dart plant felt raindrops; did not want Rhododendron’s rust to get worse so headed back.


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