Sunday 3 March 2013. A Loop to the East, with a Stop at the Bones

The sky was bell-clear and the air calm at 6:10 an this morning, with a temperature of 16 degrees F.  Already, suddenly, it seemed, it was light enough to see easily.  Saw the slightly more than half-full, waning moon over the garage as I got Blue out for a ride to the east.
A Little More Than Half Moon 3 Mar 13
Again, it seemed like a long time since I’d been there.  Funny that cold days should hinder such a trip, especially with warm clothes and no wind.  But today it would happen!  Headed out on Washington Street; didn’t stop except to document the remarkably unremarkable dawn.  Did see the sun-disc–always a reminder of power and life,
Sunrise with Remaining Snow 3 Mar 13
but today without its frequently surrounding cloud-drama.  Passed the south side of Weaver Park and was tempted to stop and check out the pond, but resisted.  A trip for another day.East of High Cross Road, it was good to be moving in the crisp air, between the open, slightly frosted black fields.  It was good to see the

Looking across High Cross Rd 3 Mar 13

occasional frozen puddle in the fields, especially after last summer’s drought.  Took some shots of ice along the characteristically quiet

Frozen Wet Field, East Washington St

stretch on Cottonwood Road.  Now it was mostly solid, but wondered what it looked like through the cycles of thawing-freezing of

Illinois Freeze-Thaw

the central Illinois winter.

Crossed I-74 and immediately turned west on Anthony Drive.  The houses close to the country road brought on that fear of an

I-74 from Cottonwood Rd

unfriendly dog encounter, even though I’d been here several times before with no such problem.  Just really didn’t want to deal with an

Anthony Dr, No Dogs

unfriendly dog on top of the cold.  Though must say, was plenty comfortable at that point;  even fingers and toes were reasonably warm.

Realized then that I’d be passing the possum bones on High Cross, though wouldn’t have stopped (they’re on the other side of the road from the way I was traveling) if the traffic were heavier.  Was glad to notice that although it’s not terribly smart to stop on a road bridge as narrow as that, at least the site was at a high, very visible point.

Stopped, dismounted, and climbed over the guardrail for a close look at the possum remains.   (See posts from 31 May 2021, 11 July 201228 July 2012, 31 July 2012, 4 August 2012, 6 September 2012, 20 January 2013 about how they have looked on previous visits.)   Noted how the bones continued to scatter, more individual pieces laid out separately.  Wondered again what that

Possum Bones 3 Mar 13 1

roughly spherical/volcano  shaped thing among them could have been– a grapefruit?  A coconut?

Possum Bones 3 Mar 13 3

Possum Bones 4 Mar 13 4

Coming back the cold started to catch up with my toes and fingers when I stopped to take photos, like of this old hackberry in the sun on

Large Main St Hackberry

Main Street.  Less than comfortable but not terribly distracting.  It was another great morning to be awake and outside!


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