Sunday 16 December 2012. Another Too-Brief Meadowbrook Visit

Saturday 12 January 2012.  Still catching up, including no photos (camera and SD card lost), just sketches….

Heard a “squirching” sound as I was happily starting to roll Discovery out of the garage and realized the back tire was flat. The

Flat Tire 16 Dec 12

problem I’d first noticed on Cranksgiving and later blown off for many miles had finally fully manifested.  Fortunately, it was apparent before departure rather than happening out on the road!

Again, Blue was not in the garage, but it was a short, pleasant walk to where it was locked, including a little stretch where the sidewalk was carpeted with fragrant pine needles.  Ah, the complex itineraries of teenagers.

Liked the clump of surviving, yea, thriving “flowering” (color!) kale near where Blue was locked.  One of the things I love about kale, a bit of which in our yard still is giving us fresh greens.

The morning was cloudy but calm and warm for December.  Felt pressed for time but so drawn to the road, to Meadowbrook.  Blue was comfortable pedaling down Race Street.  Dear Discovery, I fear I’ll need to replace you with a more ergonomic model.

Was amazed (why?) by how the landscape gets more bare and more brown as fall deepens into winter.  Green, e.g., from the turf grass, that I’d taken for granted when the leaves were all falling was also beginning to fade.  No, it didn’t pierce me with sadness.  As people do, was getting used to this less intensely compelling phase of the seasons.  Hibernation, of a sort.  Pratyhara.

Went first to the Windsor/Vine bridge, where there was no visually observable animal activity, except for some crow, robin , and cardinal sounds.  But the creek offered different views than were possible when the vegetation was in growth mode, so shot a few of those.

Almost turned to go back from there, but couldn’t resist the call of the big loop, which I took in a clockwise direction.  Resolved, with some success, not to stop a lot.

At the sculpture collection I think of as “Processing Difficult Emotions,” someone had placed Santa hats on a number of the

Santa Hat on Difficult Guy 16 Dec 12

figures.  Decided to like them, if only because it identifies the time of year.

Decided I didn’t like the “Marker” statue as much from the clockwise approach: she looked unfriendly, as if  saying, “What are you doing here?”  Still, in her favor,  I think she “interacts” with the viewer, and with the landscape,  more than pretty much any of the other Meadowbrook sculptures.  The placement of the piece, in my opinion, is most effective.

Was starting to get cold hands, even though 46 is not all that cold. This is a challenge for cool-season rides, it seems.

Noticed less white fluff in the goldenrods, and the grass tips looked more pointed as the dangling flower/seed parts were being worn away.  Compass plant and bush clover remains were discernible.

The sun became visible through a gap in the clouds a little above the horizon and “kissed” the dry, grey landscape with a touch of gold.

And it was time to go.


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