Monday 22 October 2012. Labyrinth and Hill in Glorious Color

Had been  itching for days just to walk the Crystal Lake Park labyrinth, check the Lincoln Bindery prairie garden, and ride down the cemetery/woods hill. Finally did it today!

The fall colors were a notch less intense than yesterday (!) but still awesome.

Other people were enjoying the labyrinth area; a couple who spoke a non-English language were taking pictures around the outside the labyrinth, and a man sat on one of the benches inside the labyrinth circle.  Almost just rode on so as not to disturb the man’s solitude, but he got up soon after I spotted him, so went ahead and walked.

Again, on this walk in its complicated pattern, thought: am I going to be able get there and back without breaking the looping yet continuous line?  But of course,  just by following the path one step at a time: the way to confront   what seems overwhelming.

The whole space surrounding the labyrinth was dressed in fall color.  It gave the walk another level of  opening to

this beautiful living world.

Then onward.  The road to the little hill also sported red, orange, and yellow against background green.  There was

tree color all the way.

The colors at the little prairie garden at Lincoln Bindery, however, had already faded.  After the strong colors, couldn’t get a photo I liked of the subdued ones.

On to toward the hill.  Once again, riding the curve, down-hill, curve between the cemetery and Busey Woods gave its satisfying little rush.

There was color, color,  (brief, I know) color along the edge of Crystal Lake Park, that still felt like forever as I passed and stopped for the occasional photo.

Was happy to see progress on the new outdoor pool beyond and between the multicolored leaves.

The Crystal Lake geese were spread out between the lake and across Broadway Avenue into the strip mall parking lot.

It was a short but, as always, very energizing trip.


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