Sunday 16 September 2012. Just Meadowbrook, in Yellow

The sun was blazing well above the horizon, almost white, and with after-images, by the time I got out on Blue this morning.  The sky was clear, the air cool enough for my fleece jacket to be very comfortable as I headed south on Race Street.  It was nice to see the newly refreshed markings for the bike lanes.

Yes, it’s Sunday, my customary day for a westward velo, but haven’t  been to see Meadowbrook  for days and had to rectify the situation.
The prairie was decked in the full bloom of common and stiff (and maybe more species I haven’t discerned) goldenrod.  Toward the south edge of the park (the Walker Grove), a deer walked through the profusion of them.  It

sank down lower into the yellow as I trained my attention on it.

A little farther down there was a patch of sawtooth sunflowers, which I remember as being much more abundant in

previous years, though there still may be time for them to make more of a showing.

The “Marker” statue was bordered by thick Indian grass and big bluestem, all covered with dewdrops that sparkled

in the climbing sun.  It was lovely but with so much light was hard to photograph. On the west side at the mowed edge there was a thick clump of Bidens and a sprinkling of goldenrod.  Looked to see if maybe the bottle gentians

were still going to show up.  None were in bloom but did see some fresh gentian foliage, barely forming little buds.

Maybe would get to see them there after all.

Looked for the white ones (without walking in; my feet were wet from the dew already); the grass was just too thick to see anything easily.

Got a portrait of the present composition of plants (not all yellow) near the prairie viewing station (observation

platform).  Made me think of all the other compositions at that place that have gone by since the spring.

At the prairie viewing station ran into the couple who had enthused with me about the royal catchfly in July.  We discussed the Gaura and looked at the cream gentians near the platform.  They said they’d missed seeing me

recently,  I told them it was because the later sunrise made it harder to squeeze in an early trip.  It was good to see them and share our interest in the prairie.

Near the northeast corner of the park, near the collection of statues I think of as representing “processing difficult emotions,” there was a dense stand of intense yellow goldenrod, with a bit of contrasting thistle.  It was oh, so

golden yellow, and my brakes squealed as I stopped for them.  Made me think, “I brake for goldenrod,” or at least goldenrod intensified with purple flowers.

The Windsor/Vine bridge was covered with good-sized dew drops and quite cold.  Just didn’t want to put my elbows on it.  But looked over it into the water.  A collection of little clouds was reflected in the still water.

Didn’t see any beavers or hear any frogs, but the water surface moved lightly with widening circles from the activity of fish, or maybe tadpoles.

Along Windsor Road heading back admired all the yellow goldenrods, and the Heliopsis, adding yellow to yellow.  For now.


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