Thursday 9 August 2012. A Very Quick Trip Turns up More Gentians

This morning was able only to take a fast trip to Meadowbrook Park, really just a check of the Windsor/Vine bridge and back.

No moon was visible because of the clouds (oh, please, please let it rain!).  The clouds also delayed the light coming up.

Saw a road crew taking advantage of  the lack of traffic, painting lines on the street.

The prairie along Windsor Road looked somber and spent, dark with Baptisia pods and compass plants gone to seed.  It did not appear to be in one of its more “exuberant” with color stages.

At the bridge it was still pretty dark.  Maybe the beavers are more active at this time, but it’s hard to see them.  The water was

pretty still but looked downstream as I leaned on the barely damp, slightly cool railing and seemed to see movement on the water.  Did see something small moving upstream–couldn’t be sure it was even a beaver.  As it got closer, it clearly appeared to be a beaver, moving a little faster than usual.  It stopped before it got to the bridge and then turned around and swam back downstream.  It was too dark to photograph.  A little later saw a  vertical-looking splash downstream, like something jumped up from the water instead of falling down into it, say, from the bank.  But it was dark and rather far away and hard to really say what it was.

There was a little bullfrog-song.

Headed back directly along Windsor Road and wanted to get some kind of sky-showing photograph for the day; stopped to shoot a prairie dock  with buds and open flowers above the other vegetation.  Then realized that this area was full of cream gentians!!

I’d never noticed them here before.  Were they there and I just didn’t notice or are they unusually widespread and abundant this

year?  Oh subtle wonder!

On the way home, in the lightest of rain (yes, it’s a start!), collided with a flying (presumably living) creature that bumped me at the top of the sternum.  Could have been a dragonfly, or a large beetle, or maybe a hummingbird??  Don’t think the collision was hard enough to cause serious damage (to the creature) but don’t know for sure.

Noticed there was not a sign of skunk smell today as I headed back toward the call of family duty.


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