Friday 10 August 2012. Wonderful Rain, but More Darkness

Can’t start a post in a blog that has talked about the drought we’ve been having without saying that yesterday we had glorious rain, even rivers in the street!!   There is grateful green spreading through the yellow and brown vegetation already!  YES!!!

And yet even with the joy of the rain there came a tinge of sadness.  The seasons give and they take away.  The morning light, for example.  Not only is the sun taking longer and longer to come up in the morning, it was cloudy today and so darker than it would

have been at the same time with a clear sky.

Again the moon was not visible.  But now my past recent observations are helping me to interpolate roughly where it is behind the clouds.  In the past I would watch the moon’s progress for several nights and then be totally surprised where it reappeared after a few nights of clouds.  At least I can locate it in the early morning for half its cycle.  It’s a simple thing, really, but nice to tune in to its rhythm.

And even with the sadness of losing daylight and the extra outdoor activity it makes possible, it feels good to be outside to tune into the rhythm of day length.  Light has its stimulating, activating, extroverting powers, but darkness draws one inward, external details are not available.  Did notice the sound of the northwest wind and the shaking of the tree leaves, of riding against some resistance. Noticed the lightening sky, solid clouds with a bit of texture.

Was able to see the Windsor Road gentians in the low light.  It even looked like bees had been to visit them; some of the flower

tips were not quite perfectly pointed but slightly open.  They also seemed a bit yellowed since yesterday.

Stopped briefly at the Windsor/Vine bridge after the customary big loop.  The railing was cool but dry.  The stream was full!  Was glad for the fish, first of all.  Then wondered whether the beavers felt “happy” about the rain.  Or do they take it all in stride?  Surely they don’t obsess about it like (some) people do.  Anyway, there were lovely reflections of leaves in the water but no

beavers I could see this morning.  Another small sad thing.  But the bullfrogs did perfunctorily announce their own continued presence.

On the way home got a shot of a prairie dock plant that was on the conveniently short side. (Many of them are too tall to get

anything but a very small picture of the whole plant.)

Once again, the morning schedule made for a brief ride.  I am eager to get some more miles under my wheels!


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