Thursday 19 July 2012. Melancholy Morning

This morning the sky was cloudy, the air warm and humid with a southerly breeze.

Rode Discovery to Meadowbrook Park (surprise!). Reflected on how when you take the same route over and over again, the sights just don’t jump out at you the way they do the first fifty or so times. So just let that be and focused on the rhythm of pedaling and the smooth motion of wheels on pavement. Something like swimming laps.

Been wanting to mention two things that I often notice on these trips but haven’t remembered to include. One is a runner whom I usually see along Windsor Road or Race Street. She looks looks somewhat older than I am but runs with such nice form. I’m a little envious and quite impressed.

The other is the song if the eastern wood pewee, “Pee-wee?” like it’s asking a question. I’ve heard it in my neighborhood, at Meadowbrook, and elsewhere.

The creek at the rabbit-statue bridge held no visible water, though it was still slightly muddy on the east side. On the west it was

actually dry.

The clouds were thick; there was no disc to see at dawn.

Noticed that the yellow coneflowers seemed suddenly (since yesterday?) spent. The prairie was showing a lot of green.

About halfway around the big loop, approaching the observation platform saw a mostly dark bird smaller than a goldfinch but larger than hummingbird land on a stem of grass and slide down out of sight into the vegetation.

At the observation platform looked once again for the royal catchfly. It was hard to find but did manage to spot it and get a photo.

It may not be visible tomorrow.

The compass plants are starting to look like tiring sentinels, many leaning, some actually fallen over, though many still are

upright, even some with the first buds not yet opened.

Looked and looked for the other royal catchfly but again didn’t find it, alas. Also remembered I never saw the pink Hibiscus again, either. Saw grass mashed down into what appeared to be a deer path. Maybe a deer stepped on the royal catchfly or the Hibiscus.

It was a bit melancholy on the prairie this morning, between the overcast sky and the many fading flowers. Also did not hear the red-winged blackbird say “Mom.” On the other hand,

Didn’t even really expect to see a beaver at the Windsor/Vine bridge, which softened my disappointment at not seeing 0ne. Did notice a couple of white logs in the stream since yesterday that could have been beaver work. The frogs, including one in the

“frog-place,” livened things a bit with their “conversation;” several different voices in the repartee.”

For all the sameness of parts of my trips to Meadowbrook, I have to say that the prairie in its growing season, even on the melancholy days, always offers something to discover and never really disappoints.


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