Wednesday 18 July 2012. Mid-July Two-Bike Velo

It was hot and sticky this morning (for early morning) and the sky was full of loose clouds as I went to my friend Nancy’s house to meet her for this morning’s ride.

It’s been a while since I’ve had company on my morning rides.  It ‘s always nice to have the conversation, and I like being constrained to fewer photographs, although we did stop several times.

First stop was the labyrinth at Crystal Lake Park.  We walked around the path to the center but walked straight out without regard

for the pattern after that: on past the fairgrounds and through the woods on Coler.  We saw at least one large and two small deer in the woods.

At the Lincoln Bindery prairie garden saw compass plants, some starting to lean, and old, bloomed out prairie clover.  Showed

Nancy “my” hill.  We both enjoyed coasting at high speed between the cemetery and Busey Woods.

Was surprised not to see the Crystal Lake geese at the southeast corner of the park, but then there they were, working the lawn in

front of Jimmy John’s.  It must be a hard summer for them, grass all over is so dry, though it looked like Jimmy John’s may be irrigating.

Then we headed for Meadowbrook Park.

The southwest corner of Meadowbrook smelled like mint; showed Nancy the mountain mint and we crushed some leaves, which gave off a wonderfully strong mint fragrance.  Also pointed out the scent of the Monarda.

We stopped at the platform to look for the royal catchfly.  An older (than I) couple was standing there and knew where it was.  I

told them that I’d found another place where it was, but we looked and didn’t see it.  They were planning to make another loop and look again the second time.

Found some more Liatris not far from the ones I found yesterday, though the flower spikes were a little oddly shaped.  More

drought effects?  Didn’t notice whether the “Mom” red-winged blackbird was there or not.

Got a photo of a plant with handsome leaves that I’ve been seeing for quite a while now that seems to be starting to come into

bloom.  I don’t have any idea what it is, but the foliage is so nice just wanted to share the pic.  Must do some research.

We checked out the Windsor/Vine bridge.  Tadpoles were gulping air but don’t recall hearing frogs, nor seeing any in the frog place.  And no beavers.  I’m starting to wonder what’s going on.  Think I’ll check the other accessible spots by the stream soon.

Might do another tw0-bike velo soon, maybe something longer.


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