Monday 9 July 2012. A Little More of Weaver Park

Yesterday evening, the heat wave we’d been having broke, and this morning rested on the cool side of gorgeous. The moon was slightly more than half-full, just to the south and west of directly over head.

Got up a little later than usual and arrived at Main and Broadway, on the way to Weaver Park just as the sun-disc broke the horizon. 

It would be a quick trip at the beginning of a busy day.

Wondered how long the little gas station on the north side of Main Street not far from Vine has been called “Mr. Gas Plus.”  I know it wasn’t always called that.

Glanced at the prairie garden across Main Street from Weaver Park but didn’t see any royal catchfly, as I’d seen there last year. What I think I did see was goldenrod starting to bloom. Talk about early.

Turned south on Dodson to Illinois street and the “official” entrance to Weaver Park.  It seemed even less welcoming than I remember.   Which makes the park itself, once you’re there, even more of a magical place.

Wanted to explore the mown path but knew that would take more time than I had.

The pond was very low, with dry patches but sill some shiny indications of water.  It was bordered by yellow coneflowers, of which I could not resist taking a couple of closeups of the kind of which they make such good examples.

In the pond, a lot of the emergent plants were in bloom.  A little investigation afterward on the web confirmed my suspicion that they were pickerelweed (Potenderia cordata).  Here is a link with some information and a nice closeup of the flowers, taken, as it happens, at Weaver Park.
Looked across the park where there was more water and movement I guessed was ducks. Noticed a new-looking building across

the park, which was the Champaign County Nursing Home. Clark-Lindsey has Meadowbrook, CCNH has Weaver!

Then there was dog-barking.  I said, “You’d better be contained.”  Which was  probable, but it reminded me I couldn’t stay long.

From Weaver Park took Dodson to Washington and then homeward.  There is a large construction project on the Washington side of the park.  I hope the park doesn’t get gobbled up by more such projects, hope that the little gem of Weaver Park survives.


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