4 June 2012. Bambi Under the Morning Clouds

After two weeks of being closed for maintenance, the pool is open again!  So to be there for early lap swim, kept the morning velo  short.  Rode Discovery this morning so not so fast as yesterday, catching intermittent whiffs of linden, to the playground bridge at Meadowbrook.  Again no beavers but again there was a drake (the same one?) standing “pensively” at the side of the water.  He remained in place but moved his upper body, as in doing a little preening, more than yesterday.  Then noticed a deer, then a really little baby fawn with lots of spots that still seemed wobbly-legged.  How long ago and where had it been born?

Alas! Not the world’s sharpest photo, but who could resist sharing this?

Maybe I did know this before and forgot, but, at age 56 and being familiar with this character all my life, it just now occurred to me, seemingly for the first time, that “Bambi” is short for the Italian word for baby–“bambino.”  Just love when that light bulb goes on!

This is what it looked like after the doe and fawn left the stream bank and I turned the camera a bit to the left.

The sunrise was colorful and fairly dramatic, but the disc didn’t appear at the horizon.  It got darker after getting lighter, and the clouds hung in a bunched and sculpted sheet.  Because of the darkness and a bit of rain there was less temptation to stop and try to shoot flowers.  Still, got one Baptisia under the clouds.  Also nodded in passing to the butterfly weed and the lead plant (I’m going to try to resist the urge to shoot it until lots of the flower spikes are open);  missed the prairie clover again.  But even on a quick ride-by, I could tell that a lot of flowers I don’t yet know by their pre-bloom foliage are getting ready to appear.

I like how the path (on earth) curves kind of like the clouds (in “heaven”).

This morning it was all about the sky.


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