21 May 2012. Perfect Location

It being Sunday morning, today’s velo was an opportunity to get out on streets that otherwise typically are full of motor vehicles and to look at some of the world outside of my beloved Meadowbrook Park.

As per last Sunday, I headed west, but this time went south first and was able to watch the the orange sun break the eastern horizon.  It was just hazy enough to be able to look at the orange disc rising above the horizon a bit.

Had imagined this trip as consisting of lots of meditative riding and little photography, but actually there were plenty of images to capture.  First, labelled spiderwort at the Idea Garden, then giant koi at the Japan House pond.  Before getting very close to the pond I could hear some loud splashing (didn’t think there were beavers, let alone, say, alligators).  There was a group of two or three swimming close together in the shallow water with their fins sticking out of the water like sharks.

Noticed that wherever there was grass, lawn or roadside, it was getting to be less green and more straw-colored.

At the City of Champaign Prairie Restoration, outside the Illinois Fire Institute, there were yellow irises growing along the far bank of the pond.  Saw two great blue herons flying overhead.

Went straight out Windsor past Staley Road, which had been the previous limit of my knowledge of Champaign geography.  Yes. the new “Y,” which I passed, is way the heck out there.  Also, near the sewage treatment plant is a dog park.  (I wasn’t sure I saw this sign correctly at first.)

I was amazed at how far non-agricultural development has reached west of town.  Here is a sign that sums it up.  Very close nearby here was a park in the progress, which looked rather stark but attractive enough to goldfinches and at least one great blue heron.

On the way back I observed that going up the “hill” to cross the interstate (with almost no traffic, of course) was just scary enough to be really fun. On the other side, shortly after crossing, there was a sign in front of a house that presumably was for sale, that said, “Perfect Location.”  I took it as a suggestion that anywhere can be a perfect location to observe, especially from a bike.


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