16 May 2012. Two-Bike Velo

The moon was thinner, lower, farther to the north than yesterday.  The air seemed warmer but somehow I didn’t catch the scent of linden this morning.

Today a friend  joined me on my trip to Meadowbrook Park.

We saw deer right away.  They are getting to be a regular feature.  When they are not there, I will wonder where they’ve gone.

Stopping to look at the irises

Showed her the irises.  She is not a big iris fan, she says, except for the Siberians. But we agree about the spiderwort.

The sunrise, with a few streaks of cloud and a little more purple than yesterday,  was once again not disappointing.  Though I would have looked at it a lot more if I were alone, this was a different way to enjoy it,  glimpsing it a little and also having conversation.

We went over the bridge and there was a beaver!  But it got away before my friend could see it. Here is where it was.

Site of the beaver appearance.

Toward the west entrance to the park was a sculpture installation neither of us had noticed before.  My friend liked it right away; I hesitated just because of its color, which made me think

What are they doing?

“chemical” and “intruding,”  But it certainly interacts with its environment.  I might call it “Life Bubbling Up from the Ground,” which really is kind of what happens in the early morning.

We stopped at the “Sensory Garden” near the parking lot to admire all the care that’s gone into its creation and for my friend to get ideas for perennials for her yard.  The peonies and irises were still blooming but past their glorious peak.  (So live in the present, already!)

Oddly, it seemed cooler on the way back than when we’d set out.


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